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Communist Revolution

Communist Party of the Philippines

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Clandestine communist party in the Philippines.

The Communist Party of the Philippines is an organization that was formed in 1968. They were formed after a split in the Philippine Communist Party.
The founder, Jose Marion Sison was born February 8, 1939. He was born in Cabugao and reorganized the Communist Party of the Philippines by introducing Maoism into it.
In 1959 he graduated from the University of the Philippines. He later became a university professor after studying in Indonesia. In the 1960's he formed the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines or CCCPP. The organized the New People's Army, NPA, who still fight today.
Sison is now labeled a terrorist because of 9/11. "The people of the world, including progressive American forces, should forewarn the American people not to be carried away by jingoism, war hysteria and the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim drumbeat."- Jose Maria Sison "At Home in the World: Portrait of a Revolutionary" (


The CPP is Maoist and head the National Democratic Front. In the NPA's  peak of power (the 1980's) they had an estimated strength of 25,000 soldiers strong. Now they are under 9,000. Because it is difficult for the NPA to receive aid from foreign countries, they rely mostly on extortion of politicians and businesses. Their goal is to remove the existing government to put into power a government that benefits the Filipino people rather than foreigners.

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